Vacation time!

Vacation time is almost upon us! So after a sleepless night filled with the remainder of packing, it is finally time to head to the airport, 5.30am and the moods of the family are showing already – that one annoying thing about long haul travels! I’m sure it’s not just my family though.

Finally reach Manchester Airport at around 7.10, and already cannot wait to be air-bound! Our first flight leaves at 10.05am and fortunately is on time. I have to ask at this time if my son, daughter and I are able to meet the pilot and see the cockpit. Yes we are!So right now I am the most excited person in the world, it’s something I’ve never experienced before either.

The Captain and his co-pilots were fantastic, really lovely guys who made us feel great! Looking at all the buttons and controls made my head spin, they are extremely clever! A nice long 8.5 hour flight and we touch down nice and smooth in Atlanta…for a nice long 5 hour lay over 😟

One more flight to go, Atlanta to Albuquerque, 3.5 hours this time and the journey is over! Finally get to see my brother again after 2 years, along with his new partner and children! All I can say right now is that I’m tired and looking forward to sleep! I am also looking forward to spending time with my family and relaxing!!



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